Our Top 5 Food Safety Tips

How Safe Is Your Business?

Handy tips to keep your customers and staff safe (and avoid possible council penalties):


1. Use The Correct Cutting Boards & Utensils

One of the easiest ways to eliminate (or greatly reduce) the threat of cross-contamination in your kitchen is by implementing and strictly adhering to the universally-accepted coloured cutting board system:

  • Blue: Seafood
  • Green: Vegetables and Fruit
  • Yellow: Poultry
  • Red: Raw Meat
  • Brown: Cooked meat
  • White: Bakery and Dairy

Many kitchen utensils such as knives and tongs now also come in coloured ranges to match the appropriate food types and assist kitchen staff.

2. Ensure It’s The Right Thermometer For The Job

To prevent the growth of bacteria, food must always be stored at and cooked to strictly-defined temperatures. Therefore, it’s critical that you’re able to accurately measure and record this data.

There’s a huge range of thermometers available which serve many applications, but for basic food safety a thermometer with a probe which is accurate to +/- 1C is required by law.

High-care workplaces such as hospitals and aged care facilities will often have policies which require the use of various types of thermometers to check the temperature of food surfaces and food storage areas too.

Failure to comply can result in huge penalties so make sure your kitchen is equipped with everything it needs!


3. Use Daydot Food Labels Effectively

These small labels are available in dozens of different formats and are a brilliant method of organising stock rotation and ensuring your food stays fresh and safe for consumption.

Using daydot labels effectively allows you to quickly and easily regulate food service, storage and handling within your business.

Not every business will have the same labeling requirements, but every business definitely has a food safety responsibility!

Daydot labels are the perfect solution to ensure your customers always receive the very best products.


4. Always Display Warning Signs & Use Appropriate Food Area Signage

Effective food safety management is dependent on quality training and clear communication – to both staff and customers.

We have an extensive range of posters available which are a great way to educate and remind your staff of their responsibilities when working with food. Plus, we also supply the equipment and PPE needed to keep everyone in your workplace safe and reduce the risk of incidents.


5. Use Powerful & Proven Cleaning Products

Using the wrong cleaning products to try and keep your business free of harmful bacteria just wastes time, money, and can be dangerous.

There’s countless different products on the market, but one which makes keeping your equipment and food surfaces safe is Dominant’s Bacban No Rinse Sanitiser.

As the name suggests, this super-concentrated formula is easy to use, and simply needs to be lightly sprayed onto cleaned surfaces and allowed to air dry. For soaking, submerge utensils or small equipment for 2-5 minutes, then air dry.

One regular spray bottle requires just 5ml of Bacban, meaning you’ll get exceptional value for money and consistent, reliable cleaning power!

If you would like any more information (or would like even more top safety tips!) please do not hesitate to call our dedicated customer hotline on 1300 721 694.

In addition, you will find these items and more on display and available for purchase at our conveniently-located showroom:
116 Brunswick St (Cnr Amelia St), Fortitude Valley, QLD


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