Express Cafe Solutions

A small space can still lead to big profits!

Discover how easy it can be to revolutionise your cafe!

Would you like to send your profits soaring?

What about expanding your café menu, boosting productivity, and maximising your customer’s experience all at the same time?

All of this can be achieved by attending our Express Café Solutions event and adopting some of the revolutionary and affordable tips and techniques that we’ll be demonstrating on the day.


Don’t get stuck in the trap of relying purely on coffee and the odd cake or muffin sale to generate revenue. With just a few pieces of versatile, compact, and cost-effective equipment, you can expand your menu overnight and ‘Wow’ your customers with items like smoothies, pizzas, soups, and restaurant-quality meals you never imagined were possible!






Research by Café Pulse indicates that up to 50% of all coffee purchases include a food item, and by efficiently serving up a greater range of meals, you’ll be able to not only boost this percentage, but increase your customers’ average spend too.

MXP1If you’re a café owner or have ever considered opening your own business this live cooking demonstration is specifically tailored to you. All the equipment is designed to fit within a limited footprint and will amaze you at how easily your cafe can be completely transformed!

Big results and big profits are still achievable within a small budget and small space.

When: Thursday 5th March 2015, 10am-11am & 3pm-4pm

Where: 116 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley QLD

Plenty of food and drink will be provided on the day.

Click here or follow the link at the top of this page to RSVP and confirm your attendance and preferred session time.

Call us on 1300 721 694 for more information.



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