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A small space can still lead to big profits!

Discover how easy it can be to revolutionise your cafe!

Would you like to send your profits soaring?

What about expanding your café menu, boosting productivity, and maximising your customer’s experience all at the same time?

All of this can be achieved by attending our Express Café Solutions event and adopting some of the revolutionary and affordable tips and techniques that we’ll be demonstrating on the day.


Don’t get stuck in the trap of relying purely on coffee and the odd cake or muffin sale to generate revenue. With just a few pieces of versatile, compact, and cost-effective equipment, you can expand your menu overnight and ‘Wow’ your customers with items like smoothies, pizzas, soups, and restaurant-quality meals you never imagined were possible!






Research by Café Pulse indicates that up to 50% of all coffee purchases include a food item, and by efficiently serving up a greater range of meals, you’ll be able to not only boost this percentage, but increase your customers’ average spend too.

MXP1If you’re a café owner or have ever considered opening your own business this live cooking demonstration is specifically tailored to you. All the equipment is designed to fit within a limited footprint and will amaze you at how easily your cafe can be completely transformed!

Big results and big profits are still achievable within a small budget and small space.

When: Thursday 5th March 2015, 10am-11am & 3pm-4pm

Where: 116 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley QLD

Plenty of food and drink will be provided on the day.

Click here or follow the link at the top of this page to RSVP and confirm your attendance and preferred session time.

Call us on 1300 721 694 for more information.



Our Top 5 Food Safety Tips

How Safe Is Your Business?

Handy tips to keep your customers and staff safe (and avoid possible council penalties):


1. Use The Correct Cutting Boards & Utensils

One of the easiest ways to eliminate (or greatly reduce) the threat of cross-contamination in your kitchen is by implementing and strictly adhering to the universally-accepted coloured cutting board system:

  • Blue: Seafood
  • Green: Vegetables and Fruit
  • Yellow: Poultry
  • Red: Raw Meat
  • Brown: Cooked meat
  • White: Bakery and Dairy

Many kitchen utensils such as knives and tongs now also come in coloured ranges to match the appropriate food types and assist kitchen staff.

2. Ensure It’s The Right Thermometer For The Job

To prevent the growth of bacteria, food must always be stored at and cooked to strictly-defined temperatures. Therefore, it’s critical that you’re able to accurately measure and record this data.

There’s a huge range of thermometers available which serve many applications, but for basic food safety a thermometer with a probe which is accurate to +/- 1C is required by law.

High-care workplaces such as hospitals and aged care facilities will often have policies which require the use of various types of thermometers to check the temperature of food surfaces and food storage areas too.

Failure to comply can result in huge penalties so make sure your kitchen is equipped with everything it needs!


3. Use Daydot Food Labels Effectively

These small labels are available in dozens of different formats and are a brilliant method of organising stock rotation and ensuring your food stays fresh and safe for consumption.

Using daydot labels effectively allows you to quickly and easily regulate food service, storage and handling within your business.

Not every business will have the same labeling requirements, but every business definitely has a food safety responsibility!

Daydot labels are the perfect solution to ensure your customers always receive the very best products.


4. Always Display Warning Signs & Use Appropriate Food Area Signage

Effective food safety management is dependent on quality training and clear communication – to both staff and customers.

We have an extensive range of posters available which are a great way to educate and remind your staff of their responsibilities when working with food. Plus, we also supply the equipment and PPE needed to keep everyone in your workplace safe and reduce the risk of incidents.


5. Use Powerful & Proven Cleaning Products

Using the wrong cleaning products to try and keep your business free of harmful bacteria just wastes time, money, and can be dangerous.

There’s countless different products on the market, but one which makes keeping your equipment and food surfaces safe is Dominant’s Bacban No Rinse Sanitiser.

As the name suggests, this super-concentrated formula is easy to use, and simply needs to be lightly sprayed onto cleaned surfaces and allowed to air dry. For soaking, submerge utensils or small equipment for 2-5 minutes, then air dry.

One regular spray bottle requires just 5ml of Bacban, meaning you’ll get exceptional value for money and consistent, reliable cleaning power!

If you would like any more information (or would like even more top safety tips!) please do not hesitate to call our dedicated customer hotline on 1300 721 694.

In addition, you will find these items and more on display and available for purchase at our conveniently-located showroom:
116 Brunswick St (Cnr Amelia St), Fortitude Valley, QLD

Fine Food Australia 2014 Highlights

Hordes of visitors descend on Melbourne to sample the the Foodservice and Hospitality Industry’s latest and greatest

Fine Food Australia’s 30th anniversary deserved an industry showcase huge enough to match the occasion, and that is exactly what was delivered over 4 very busy days at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre.

From Monday 15th September to Thursday 18th September over 27,000 visitors saw, touched, and tasted the huge array of products on display from over 1,000 exhibitors. Forty-five countries had products represented, ranging from the latest cooking technology, to refrigeration, hospitality supplies, and an enormous fresh food and produce section. The aisles within just Dairy World, Drinks World, and Confectionery World seemed to stretch for miles, let alone the Gluten Free and Meat sections adjacent to them!

Hospitality Superstore are regular exhibitors at Fine Food Queensland’s bi-annual trade fair in Brisbane, and visited Melbourne to ensure we stay ahead of the game and continue to offer all our customers every opportunity to remain at the fore of their sector.

Highlights from the show and exciting products you should know about:


Luigi Bormioli, Churchill Stonecast, Zuma, and Luzerne


Robot Coupe’s Robot Cook:

The 1st professional cooking cutter/mixer



Josper Charcoal Ovens:

Made in Spain. Famous around the world.


 Hoshizaki Beverage Systems:

Countertop Draught Beer Chiller & Wine By The Glass 










Click the links above for more information, great pictures, and interesting videos!

Like what you see?

If you’d like to explore the possibility of adding one or more of these items into your business or even if you’d just like a bit more information, please give us a call on 1300 721 694 or visit us at 116 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley QLD. We’ve got a team of friendly, experienced, and dedicated staff ready to assist you and ensure you find the very best solution whatever your needs.

Use HSS Finance to get your new equipment – NOW!HSSF_Master_Logo_RGB

Our exclusive HSS Finance package can make owning your new equipment easier than ever before.

Click here to see how HSS Finance is the most affordable, convenient, and hassle-free hospitality finance product on the market.

HSS_Cash_Back_Offer_GraphicBONUS: 2.5% cash back!

To add to the already long list of benefits of HSS Finance, we’re offering our customers 2.5% cash back on all financed equipment between now and 15th November 2014.

Free up your capital and use HSS Finance to get your project happening sooner!

Starting a business, or even reinvesting in and upgrading your current one, can be a sometimes be a stressful exercise, and not everybody has the time to save and pay upfront for all the equipment they require.

HSS Finance has been specifically developed for the catering and hospitality industry because we understand that your equipment and accessories are just one of a huge range of expenses you’ll encounter when running your business.

We provide an affordable, convenient and flexible finance solution for all your catering equipment, furniture, shopfitting, smallwares, and custom equipment. It’s your finance, your way.

Plus, if you want to stay ahead of the game, you’ll need to have access to purchasing new equipment as soon as it hits the market!

So why not free up your capital and explore the option of HSS Finance when shopping with Hospitality Superstore instead?!


HSS Finance has been designed with the customer in mind.

It’s based upon providing customers with an affordable finance option which is easy to understand, upfront and honest, cost-effective, flexible, and hassle-free.

Below are 6 key reasons why you should consider HSS Finance:

HSS Finance benefits


NHSS hand-greyo upfront costs

Purchasing through HSS Finance will enable you to dramatically reduce the amount of capital you’ll need to outlay on your catering equipment.

Unlike a lot of competitors, HSS Finance does not require any deposit or bond, there’s no document fees, and you’ll never come across hidden fees or charges.

Instead, we’ll let you keep that money in your pocket to cover other costs you’ll incur such as shopfitting, staff wages, tradespersons labour and produce for your kitchen. Avoid big cash payments and preserve your liquidity.


HSS hand-greyLow weekly rentals

HSS Finance rentals typically start 4% lower than some of the other catering finance options on the moment. Renting your equipment for a small fee each week can enable you to free up your cash flow and prevent you from having to place a huge dent in your capital. We know you’ll enjoy cheaper rental as well as no upfront costs, but the benefits don’t stop there…


HSS hand-greyReducing rental payments

Each year that you continue to rent, you’ll receive a 20% or 25% reduction in your rental payments depending on the value of the goods.

For amounts under $15,000 rent reduces by 20%, and amount over $15,000 receive a 25% reduction.

Over the course of your rental term, the reduction in rental payments can save you thousands (even tens of thousands) of dollars!

This is another example of how HSS Finance has considered the needs of its customers to add extraordinary value and offer the best catering finance package available on the market.


HSS hand-greyFlexibility

The average rental period within the hospitality and catering industry is somewhere between 3-4 years. With this in mind, the HSS Finance package has been designed to give you unmatched financial benefits and also complete flexibility during the course of your rental term.

Over the course of your flexible 4 year term, you’ll have the convenience of being able to purchase your equipment outright at each anniversary.

If you love the ease of the HSS Finance rental package and decide to continue renting for 4 years, the equipment is yours to own for just $1.

As mentioned earlier, HSS Finance is open and easy to understand, so you’ll know right from the outset the purchase price at the end of each year and can plan ahead accordingly.


HSS hand-greyTax benefits

HSS Finance rental payments are 100% tax deductible as an operating expense within your business. This means leasing your equipment can become even more affordable than you already thought! Check with your accountant for more advice.


HSS hand-greyIt’s easy!

Our fast and simple application process makes getting the equipment you want easier than ever.

In just a few minutes over the phone, in store, or via email, we can have your application completed and receive an instant response.

To make things even easier, there’s no need for the hassle of printing and scanning pages upon pages of documents. Everything can be completed on a computer or tablet with just a few clicks of a button. Simple! As soon as documents have been electronically signed, we receive a notification and your order gets underway immediately.



From now until 15th November 2014, you’ll receive 2.5% cash back on all financed equipment!

Use your HSS Finance gift card in store or online and enjoy this huge added benefit of our HSS Finance package.

How you use it is completely up to you: spend it on kitchenware for your business, or treat yourself or someone special to items such as crystal glassware or a KitchenAid mixer for home.

Speak to a staff member for more details, and make sure you don’t miss out!






Our experienced sales staff possess extensive knowledge of the HSS Finance product, and we have a team of helpful staff in our finance department dedicated to ensuring you always receive the prompt and outstanding customer service you deserve.

Whether you’re just looking to finance a fridge, or you’ve got an entire restaurant to fit-out, we want you to feel comfortable and well-informed.

Give us a call on 1300 721 694 or visit us at 116 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley, QLD to speak with one of our friendly staff who are always keen find a solution which is perfect to help you realise your business dream.


*Please seek independent financial advice.

Breaking Down the Jargon (MEPS)

Sourced: SKOPE Cool News – May 2012

energyratingsThe Australian Government’s energy rating site, is the ‘go to’ source when you want a direct comparison of the MEPS (Minimum Energy Performance Standard) of varying commercial refrigerated cabinets in the market today. At first glance, the comparison data can look a little daunting as the information includes the brand and model, whether it meets the high efficiency level, the cabinet classification and its efficiency figure.

MEPS has two levels of compliance: minimum and high efficiency levels. Each cabinet type has a specified limit at which it is deemed to comply. This limit is the efficiency level and is not a true consumption figure but a calculated one.

High efficiency cabinets use less power than the minimum efficiency cabinets per day per m² of the total display area (visible product in the cabinet). The high efficiency level will either be a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’. ’Yes’, means the cabinet complies with the specific limits set out in the standard for that type, ‘no’ means it meets only the minimum efficiency levels.

The “cabinet classification” consists of two parts: the Climate Class and the Product Class:

Climate Class Test environment                                  
3 25°C ambient up to 60% relative humidity
4 30°C ambient up to 55% relative humidity
5 40°C ambient up to 40% relative humidity

When looking at the Climate Class, it is important to factor in the relative humidity figure when understanding how well a cabinet performs, and while Climate Class 5 is listed, it should be remembered that 40°C and 40% RH are uncommon conditions although the tested cabinet will operate in those conditions.

Product Class Product temperature range
M1 -1°C to +5°C
M2 -1°C to +7°C
L1 -21°C to -15°C
L2 -21°C to -12°C

A cabinet classification example of 3M1 would mean the cabinet was tested at Climate Class 3 (25°C – 60%RH) and complies with the Product Class M1 (product remains between -1°C and +5°C for duration of the test).

“Efficiency” is shown in kWhr/24hr/m² or kilowatt hours per 24 hours per m² of total display area. The efficiency is a ratio of the cabinet’s Total Energy Consumption (TEC) divided by the Total Display Area (TDA).
 It is not the actual energy used in a day. TEC is the actual amount of energy consumed by the cabinet per 24 hours and is given in kilowatt-hours per 24 hours (kWhr/24hr). TDA is the visible product display area of the cabinet and is given in square metres (m²).

To find out what the cabinet will consume each day, divide the Efficiency Number by the Total Display Area (TDA is shown on the compare products comprehensive detail page).

Below we will compare three cabinets with the same efficiency figure and all tested at the same climate class of 25°C ambient in 60% RH.

Brand A    Brand B   Brand C   
High efficiency Yes Yes No
Cabinet classification 3M1 3M2 3M1
Efficiency 7.75 7.75 7.75
Total Display Area (m²) 1.10 0.85 0.70
Actual power consumption (kWhr) 7.045 9.117 11.071

Brand A uses the least amount of power, has the largest product display area, meets high efficiency standards and will retain all product below 5°C.

Brand B uses more power per day and meets high efficiency standards but it is unsuitable for perishable product types as it maintains some of it products above the 5°C limit.

Brand C has the same efficiency figure but doesn’t meet the high efficiency level as it consumes too much power for the amount of product on display.

In the case of commercial refrigeration manufactured in or imported into Australia and New Zealand, all cabinets are tested to the same standard and must be compliant with AS 1731.14-2003, which specifies the mandatory requirements. If you are looking for a specific cabinet and it doesn’t appear on the website, then it may not comply for various reasons. For example, it may use too much power or it doesn’t maintain correct product temperatures.

SKOPE’s refrigeration products perform to and in the case of many of our products above MEP standards. For our customers, this means using less energy to deliver the same performance and saves on running costs over the entire life of the product.

When choosing refrigeration, check out the energy rating site to compare models and look for the MEPS ‘High Energy Efficiency’ tick on our products.

Ever considered doing a Cooking Class?

photoLooking for something to do on the weekend? Why not treat yourself and book in for a cooking class at James St Cooking School in Fortitude Valley.

After attending the Modern French class myself a few weeks ago I highly recommend it. The class was fun and interactive. The Chef’s were friendly and the food was divine.

It would make an ideal Christmas or birthday present for those hard to buy for friends and family. Simply log onto to book your class today.

Are your knives sharp enough?

Yes it may seem like a tedious task but regular knife sharpening is a must in any home or professional kitchen alike. In fact regular sharpening prolongs the life of your knives and makes meal preparation a much more pleasant experience. Beyond this, dull knives are actually very dangerous and are generally speaking the cause of more kitchen accidents than sharp knives are.

To begin with you need to test whether or not your knife actually requires sharpening. This is the fun part! Simple household items can be used to test this:

Tomato ~

Place a tomato on a cutting board. Put your knife on top of the tomato and without adding much pressure slice the tomato. If the blade glides through with ease you do not need to sharpen your knife. If you need to apply added pressure then it is time to get out the sharpener.

Sheet of Paper ~

Hold a standard sheet of paper out in front and try to slice your knife through it from top to bottom. If your knife manages to slice off a section of paper then it does not require sharpening however if it fails to cut the paper at all then your knife is definitely in need of sharpening.

Ok so you’ve done the tests…if any of your knives failed it’s time to sharpen! Here are a few of our favourite knife sharpeners which are guaranteed to do the trick:

  1. Global Knife Sharpener
  2. Knife Sharpener Electric KE-198
  3. Knife Sharpener Electric KE-3000