Express Cafe Solutions

A small space can still lead to big profits!

Discover how easy it can be to revolutionise your cafe!

Would you like to send your profits soaring?

What about expanding your café menu, boosting productivity, and maximising your customer’s experience all at the same time?

All of this can be achieved by attending our Express Café Solutions event and adopting some of the revolutionary and affordable tips and techniques that we’ll be demonstrating on the day.


Don’t get stuck in the trap of relying purely on coffee and the odd cake or muffin sale to generate revenue. With just a few pieces of versatile, compact, and cost-effective equipment, you can expand your menu overnight and ‘Wow’ your customers with items like smoothies, pizzas, soups, and restaurant-quality meals you never imagined were possible!






Research by Café Pulse indicates that up to 50% of all coffee purchases include a food item, and by efficiently serving up a greater range of meals, you’ll be able to not only boost this percentage, but increase your customers’ average spend too.

MXP1If you’re a café owner or have ever considered opening your own business this live cooking demonstration is specifically tailored to you. All the equipment is designed to fit within a limited footprint and will amaze you at how easily your cafe can be completely transformed!

Big results and big profits are still achievable within a small budget and small space.

When: Thursday 5th March 2015, 10am-11am & 3pm-4pm

Where: 116 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley QLD

Plenty of food and drink will be provided on the day.

Click here or follow the link at the top of this page to RSVP and confirm your attendance and preferred session time.

Call us on 1300 721 694 for more information.



Do you need a coffee?

Hospitality Superstore is now your one-stop shop for all your cafe and coffee supplies

Here at Hospitality Superstore we have massively expanded our range of coffee machines and equipment to offer our customers the perfect solution from concept to completion.

Coffee Machines

Our range of coffee machines includes the world-renowned brands of La Marzocco, Wega, and Expobar. Whether you’re looking for something luxurious and hand-made, or a durable, reliable machine to meet the coffee demand in your business, we’ll help you find the perfect solution.

La MarzoccoLa Marzocco-xsmall

In the world of coffee, the La Marzocco name is synonymous with luxury and grandeur. With over 70 years of experience hand-crafting espresso machines in Florence, Italy, La Marzocco has come to represent everything lavish and opulent about the world’s most popular drink.


Wega coffee machines are renowned for quality and durability, and combine this with a contemporary and innovative design.
With an extensive variety of espresso machines ranging from personal use Group 1 machines up to Group 3 machines perfect for busy cafes, Wega has a product to suit you.

Expobar Expobar-xsmall

Expobar’s range of stylish and reliable coffee machines stretches from entry-level machines  to large, durable machines designed for use in high-volume cafes. If you’re looking for a brand new coffee machine enveloped in stainless steel and classy chrome finishes, we’ll find the machine for you.



Coffee Grinders

Those familiar with the art of delivery the perfect cup of coffee will be well aware of just how critical it is to ensure you’re using the right grinder for your application. It’s a known fact that even the best machine will struggle if the grinder hasn’t first done its job properly.

There’s a lot of different models on the market and each varies in aspects like capacity, levels of adjustment, motor size, speed, type of grinding burrs, and dosage style. While we have access to nearly all the machines out there, we believe that the quality and variety among the world-famous Mazzer and Wega ranges will ensure we can help find a grinder to suit everybody’s needs and taste.

Mazzer Mazzer-xsmall

In the sixty years since the its foundation, Mazzer has become so respected and revered as a manufacturer of commercial quality coffee grinders that the name is now synonymous with its product. The company has stayed true to its philosophy of precision and reliability and their ever-advancing technologies and strict quality control ensures they still strongly remain the industry benchmark.

Wega Wega-xsmall

Driven to initially provide the Italian coffee market with high quality commerical equipment, Wega was founded nearly 30 years ago and continues to pride itself on reliability. Wega machines are built by C.M.A, the world’s largest manufacturer of coffee machines and Wega’s position as Italy’s number one selling coffee machine brand in 2005 is a testament to its quality and performance.

Tampers & Barista Tools

Efficiently serving great coffee requires the best tools to complement the hard work performed by your coffee machine and grinder. We’ve got a massive range of products to satisfy every need and every taste when configuring your coffee set up.

Boost productivity, convenience and cleanliness with our benchtop or in-bench jug rinsers, handy range of coffee knockout bins, and corner tamping mats.

Add individuality and flair with a stylish wooden or patterned tamper.

Use our cold drip and vacuum brewing systems to serve the growing demand for these beverages, or brew the perfect pot of tea every time with our variable temperature kettle.

We’ve also got all the cleaning products you need to keep your machine looking as shiny and your coffee tasting as good as it did on day one!

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Stainless Steel Coffee Carts

Boost efficiency, productivity, and sales with a brand new fully-functional mobile coffee cart!
Take advantage of the foot traffic passing your cafe, by greeting them on the footpath with the irresistible aroma of fresh coffee. Customers looking for a good coffee, served quickly and without hassle will love the convenience and efficiency on offer.

Alternatively, use it as an affordable, ready-to-go solution at markets, festivals, or community events and watch your business take off!

With HSS Finance you could have one delivered to you today for $0 upfront and just $39/wk, with rental reducing each year!

$0 upfront, fast, easy, flexible financeHSSF_Master_Logo_RGB

With the introduction of our exclusive, affordable and convenient HSS Finance package, getting the coffee equipment you want has never been easier!

Don’t settle for inferior quality or second-hand equipment with a questionable history, use HSS Finance to cut your upfront costs and give your business the high quality, efficient, and reliable equipment it deserves.

HSS Finance is designed to be fast and hassle-free, to enable you to get the equipment you want – now!

We’re here to help!

Give us a call on 1300 721 694, or visit our showroom at 116 Brunswick St (Cnr Amelia St), Fortitude Valley QLD to speak with one of our friendly staff and view some of the machines and accessories we’ve got on display.

We look forward to hearing from you soon so one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff can help you find the perfect coffee solution!


Fine Food Australia 2014 Highlights

Hordes of visitors descend on Melbourne to sample the the Foodservice and Hospitality Industry’s latest and greatest

Fine Food Australia’s 30th anniversary deserved an industry showcase huge enough to match the occasion, and that is exactly what was delivered over 4 very busy days at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre.

From Monday 15th September to Thursday 18th September over 27,000 visitors saw, touched, and tasted the huge array of products on display from over 1,000 exhibitors. Forty-five countries had products represented, ranging from the latest cooking technology, to refrigeration, hospitality supplies, and an enormous fresh food and produce section. The aisles within just Dairy World, Drinks World, and Confectionery World seemed to stretch for miles, let alone the Gluten Free and Meat sections adjacent to them!

Hospitality Superstore are regular exhibitors at Fine Food Queensland’s bi-annual trade fair in Brisbane, and visited Melbourne to ensure we stay ahead of the game and continue to offer all our customers every opportunity to remain at the fore of their sector.

Highlights from the show and exciting products you should know about:


Luigi Bormioli, Churchill Stonecast, Zuma, and Luzerne


Robot Coupe’s Robot Cook:

The 1st professional cooking cutter/mixer



Josper Charcoal Ovens:

Made in Spain. Famous around the world.


 Hoshizaki Beverage Systems:

Countertop Draught Beer Chiller & Wine By The Glass 










Click the links above for more information, great pictures, and interesting videos!

Like what you see?

If you’d like to explore the possibility of adding one or more of these items into your business or even if you’d just like a bit more information, please give us a call on 1300 721 694 or visit us at 116 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley QLD. We’ve got a team of friendly, experienced, and dedicated staff ready to assist you and ensure you find the very best solution whatever your needs.

Use HSS Finance to get your new equipment – NOW!HSSF_Master_Logo_RGB

Our exclusive HSS Finance package can make owning your new equipment easier than ever before.

Click here to see how HSS Finance is the most affordable, convenient, and hassle-free hospitality finance product on the market.

HSS_Cash_Back_Offer_GraphicBONUS: 2.5% cash back!

To add to the already long list of benefits of HSS Finance, we’re offering our customers 2.5% cash back on all financed equipment between now and 15th November 2014.

Fine Food Highlights: New Glassware & Stoneware

NEW: Striking colours, textures, and patterns to capture attention and get customers talking

If you’re looking to create a table arrangement certain to ‘wow’, then the newest additions to Luigi Bormioli’s huge range of Italian-made glassware, plus striking stoneware designs from Churchill, Zuma, and Luzerne are exactly what you need.

Luigi Bormioli glassware


Luigi Bormioli is recognised as one of the world’s finest glass makers, called upon by brands such as Chanel and Gucci to manufacture exquisite perfume bottles. These same characteristics and processes have been applied to create stunning glassware for wine, beer, and cocktails.


Over the last few months Churchill teased us by slowly introducing items such as Stonecast in shades of beautiful duck egg blue. The response was overwhelming and the first 3 container loads have already been snapped up by determined consumers who recognised it’s brilliance.

Stonecast by Churchill, Duck Egg

Churchill’s Stonecast range now comes in white, and along with the Zuma and Luzerne ranges, it presents chefs with the perfect creative canvas on which to create a masterpiece. Whether as a full set or feature piece, the eye-catching colours, patterns, and textures will add sophistication and style to any table.

Stonecast by ChurchillStonecast3

Add warmth and rustic style to the tabletop with this beautifully versatile handpainted design. Stonecast is a stunning in a soft Duck Egg or White colour which is then hand finished with a fine speckle and rustic edge in a rich Golden Brown.

The hand sponged colouring process means that every piece will be slightly different, adding to the overall charm of the product.

Stonecast1The softness of the colour and finish is key in making the range as versatile as possible. Stonecast complements all types of foods and adds value and authenticity to the overall presentation.

Stonecast2The range is suitable for a wide variety of markets from traditional gastro pubs through to more premium restaurants looking for an eye catching product to truly showcase their dishes.

Whatever your venue or style of food, Stonecast offers the perfect choice!


Since it’s introduction in early 2014, the Zuma range has proved extremely popular with Hospitality Superstore customers and the expansion of the range will only enhance its appeal.

The variety of share bowls, serving platters, and uniquely designed side dishes perfectly complement any type of cuisine. Each piece features slight differences in colour and glaze to give a hand-made effect and look both engaging and different.

Joining Zuma’s original ribbed design is a smooth variant and the addition of several more colour schemes. The whole range looks just as good as a set, a mixed ensemble, or as a feature piece.


Mixing intriguing patterns with a colour palette incorporating sharp black, earthy mellow, and crisp pure (white), Luzerne is perfect for any occasion.

The simple, functional designs allow dishes to remain the star of the show, while still providing a captivating and unique backdrop.

From share bowls, to platters, side plates, and flat plates, the Luzerne range has dinnerware to accentuate the favourite culinary creations of any chef, and impress even the fussiest diner with an eye for style.

More items coming. Pre-order now!

These items above, plus many more colour schemes and patterns will be landing on our shores and finding at home at Hospitality Superstore soon. As we mentioned above, demand for these products has been huge so make sure you get your deposit down now to secure yourself these magnificent items!

For more information about pricing or to see the whole range give us a call on 1300 721 694 or visit our showroom at 116 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley to speak with a friendly staff member.

We’re also very excited to announce the launch of our new display room within our  Fortitude Valley showroom. Here you will find hundreds of samples of the latest and greatest tableware offerings on the market, just like those mentioned above. It’s a sight not to be missed so make sure you make a time to come in and find the perfect pieces for you!

The Must-Have Blast Chiller That’s So Much More

Irinox Multi Fresh gives you complete control

The Irinox Multi Fresh range of blast chillers and shock freezers gives chefs absolute authority over the preservation of their food.Fridge and icons

No chef wants to see their culinary masterpieces spoiled by chilling or freezing equipment which couldn’t treat the cuisine with the same amount of care.



MyA: My Assistant 7″ Touchscreen

touchscreenThe Multi Fresh’s multifunctional display contains simple and intuitive icons to allow access to all the fantastic Multi Fresh functions and product-specific cycles. This means you’ll spend less time trawling through menus and reading instruction manuals, and more time doing what you do best – cooking!

          • Maximum Flexibility
          • Convenience
          • Customisation
          • 4 product modes – gastronomy, bakery, pastry,          and ice cream.
          • 60 pre-programmed dynamic cycles
          • 20 personalised ‘favourites’

Irinox understands that not everything always happens as planned. Across an infinite number of recipes and limitless chef variations, there is bound to be special products which require special settings. This is why in addition to 60 dynamic cycles pre-programmed into your new Irinox machine, there’s also the capability to save up to 20 of your personalised ‘favourite’ cycles.

“With MyA you can edit the parameters of each cycle including ventilation, duration and temperature to create the ideal process for your food type.”

To help you keep track of things, there’s even a wireless record function which will monitor your settings and allow you to download the data for review. Consider it a trial-and-error customisation system: once you’ve found the perfect settings for your product – save it as a ‘favourite’.

Watch the short video below to see how Irinox Multi Fresh can work for you:

Click here to watch SKOPE’s tutorial video on personalised cycles

 The world’s first and only All-in-One solution

  • Blast Chilling
  • Shock Freezing
  • Thawing
  • Holding
  • Regeneration
  • Low Temperature Cooking
  • Proofing
  • Pasteruisation
  • Chocolate-specific cycles

The Irinox Multi Fresh range really is a revolutionary piece of equipment. Once you’ve experienced the convenience and capability of the Multi Fresh blast chillers and freezers you’ll instantly wonder how you ever managed without one!


The exclusive low-temperature cooking and regeneration cycles enable chefs to make the most of their equipment, even when the kitchen is closed. Multi Fresh low-temperature cooking is perfect for specific types of fish and meat and can be used to enhance flavour and aroma, and ensure colour preservation and even cooking.

Click here to watch SKOPE’s video on low temperature cooking with Multi Fresh


Another key feature of the Multi Fresh range is the continuous cycle function which can run uninterrupted for up to 8 hours.

“These are the first and only machines capable of running operating cycles between +85C and -40C.”

For example:

  • Rise and preserve leavened dough overnight, then let Multi Fresh hold it at temperature until it’s time to go into the oven the next morning.
  • Slow cook a beef casserole overnight and arrive the next morning to find it perfectly chilled.
  • Cook delicate fish or meat, shock freeze it, then set your custom cycle to have it thawed and regenerated in time for your arrival the next day.

multifresh range

Maintain product integrity

The IrinoxBalanceSystem® chilling cycle, aided by high performance Hyblade evaporators and innovative fans, is applied to the MultiFresh range to chill and freeze food, even when it is piping hot, in the shortest possible time, maintaining the product’s quality intact.

Rapidity in removing heat has been increased by 40%, for both chilling and freezing; Irinox MultiFresh is the only blast chiller that can chill or freeze the same quantity of food in both processes (tests performed to the strict standards of NF and UK norms).

rapid chilling graph


A very important aspect of the Multi Fresh method of preserving the integrity of its food, relates back to its intuitive and fully-programmable cycles. Product inside the chiller/freezer undergoes a 3-step process which prevents harsh freezer burn occurring, but does not sacrifice any colour or flavour of the food. By exposing the food to varying temperatures for varied lengths of time, the cooling process is perfectly optimised.


The Irinox system promotes microcrystallisation of moisture within food products, whereas other slower systems result in macrocrystals (larger ice particles) forming. The difference between the two is simple: microcrystallisation means the product retains shape, colour, and texture, while macrocrystallisation damages the food (think: the watery residue left behind by poorly-defrosted fish or meat).

shock freezing graph

Another innovative feature of the Irinox MF range is the clever food probe which is able to perform its own problem-solving. The patented design of the probe leaves it magnetised the inside of the door when not in use, however it can be used to give accurate internal temperature readings when required. The probe will also intuitively detect when it is in use, and make any necessary adjustments to the cycle to ensure the chilling/freezing process is completed exactly as you’d planned.multisensor probe


MultiFresh can be used to defrost manually at the end of the day. Almost all blast chillers activate defrosting automatically during the work cycles, damaging the quality of products due to sudden changes in temperature.

MultiFresh does not defrost automatically because it is constantly able to remove all the heat from the chamber, which prevents the formation of ice on the evaporator.


Flexible and convenient finance options available too


Hospitality Superstore are a proud Silver Chef equipment finance ‘Diamond Dealer’ and work collaboratively with you – the customer – and Silver Chef to find a finance option which suits your needs.

Silver Chef offer an excellent “Rent. Try. Buy.” option which works exactly how it sounds. By electing to take your new Multi Fresh machine through Silver Chef finance, you can rent the equipment for a weekly fee and maintain full flexibility. This also enables you to minimise your upfront costs and free up cash for your business to spend elsewhere.

You’ll also have the option to exchange or upgrade your equipment at any time – until you find the machine which is exactly right for your needs. The option also exists to purchase the equipment outright at any stage.

As we mentioned: Silver Chef offers unmatched finance options.

Rental on products from the Multi Fresh range starts from as little as $18.70 per day.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re interested to learn more about how Silver Chef finance could work for you.


Hospitality Superstore has the Multi Fresh solution for you!

If you’d like some more information on the Irinox Multi Fresh range, or you’ve already seen enough to know that one of these machines is exactly what you need – give us a call on 3257 1657, visit our website, or pop into our showroom.

Hospitality Superstore staff combine superior product knowledge with exceptional customer service to ensure you receive a hassle-free solution which is perfect for your needs.

Our excellent relationships with suppliers also means we can proudly offer a ‘Best Price Guarantee’ across our entire range, including the Irinox Multi Fresh!

Don’t wait any longer – let Irinox Multi Fresh and Hospitality Superstore take care of your fantastic cuisine in the way it deserves.

Guarantee stamp high res




Waldorf Bold: Driven to excite

Combine personality and prestige with the Waldorf Bold range

Sophisticated, powerful, and alluring.

If MOFFAT’s newest range of elegant and reliable commercial kitchen equipment wasn’t already adorned with the renowned Waldorf logo, you could be forgiven for half-expecting to see the words ‘Aston Martin’ in its place.


The Waldorf Bold collection is an exquisite combination of class-leading performance and seductive design.


Robust and dependable

Underneath a striking new Black, Burgundy, or Chilli Red exterior is the proven outstanding performance of Waldorf’s 800 Series that kitchens worldwide have come to depend on.

Housed within a heavy-duty cast-iron construction are 28MJ advanced-performance burners. Complete with non-clogging forged brass caps, they’ll ensure you’re never left wanting for power and precision. Waldorf Bold is built to deliver consistent flame spread, and exceptional results time after time.

Enveloping the superior cooking elements of the 800 Series is thick gauge 304 grade stainless steel, and robust cooking controls ensure that Waldorf’s Bold range will withstand the rigours of even the busiest commercial kitchen, while still capturing attention with its enticing appearance.

Superior functionality

Like any prestigious supercar, the Waldorf Bold range seamlessly combines exceptional performance and a sleek design with unrivaled functionality. A fully-galvanised steel chassis provides the base on which Waldorf’s trusted, easy-to-use  equipment can be introduced to suit your needs. Thoughtful consideration of the needs of a busy modern chef mixed with engineering ingenuity are hallmarks of the Waldorf Bold range.

The Waldorf Bold range of low-back units are the perfect solution for any island suite kitchen, and you’re free to mix and match the elements you need to create a layout which will deliver the efficiency and quality you desire.

Striking individuality

Use the dramatic new colour schemes and unmatched flexibility of the Waldorf Bold range to create a kitchen with impact. Waldorf’s Bold range is a license to unleash your personality, and make your kitchen the star feature of your restaurant. Stunning visual elements shouldn’t just be restricted to your front of house decor, and all three Bold colours beautifully complement the 800 Series’ stainless steel and brass highlights to craft an aesthetic masterpiece in itself.

We like the sound of a powerful 10-burner cooktop with undershelf oven; a 900mm chargrill complete with chiller drawer seamlessly integrated below; and an induction cooktop next to our deep fryer, with sturdy shelving in cupboards underneath. All of which are expertly arranged to deliver exceptional speed, superior performance, and a revolutionary cooking experience. We’ll have it all in bright Chilli Red colour too.

Maybe Waldorf’s Bold range is actually the Ferrari of commercial kitchen equipment?

waldorf_bold_close up

Visit us at Fine Food Queensland to see for yourself

Held from April 13-15 2014 at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, Fine Food Queensland is the food and catering industry’s premier event, and is a chance to showcase the best Queensland produce and the latest equipment innovations.

Hospitality Superstore will be there (stand G18) providing live cooking demonstrations, boutique coffee sampling, and unbeatable deals.

However, the star of our show will be an exclusive opportunity to get up close and personal with the Waldorf Bold range. We can’t reveal too much just yet, but we know the striking colour and design of the Bold range will make our display a showstopper. Come and see for yourself!

Click here and register before 5pm AEST Friday 11 April to receive FREE ENTRY and avoid the $20 at-show charge.


Don’t miss out on our exclusive unbeatable offer on Waldorf Bold

The Waldorf Bold has been designed to captivate, and we know you’ll be enticed by it’s sleek finishes and unquestionable cooking ability.

We’re proud to offer an irresistible and incredible show-only special for Hospitality Superstore customers.

If you love what you see (who couldn’t!?) and choose to start creating your Waldorf Bold kitchen masterpiece with one of our staff at Fine Food Queensland, you’ll receive your products at prices which may never be repeated.

It’s like buying a brand new supercar at a family sedan price!

waldorf-midGuarantee stamp high res

At Hospitality Superstore we combine expert product knowledge with attentive customer service and a ‘Best Price Guarantee’ to ensure you receive the perfect kitchen solution for you.

Call us on 07 3257 1657, visit us online at, or pop into our Fortitude Valley showroom to discuss how we can help turn your Bold plans into a reality.

Turbofan E33 Launch

Turbofan E33Our industry is abuzz with the official launch of the new Turbofan E33.  With a small footprint, black vitreous enamel interior, 5 x 1/1 GN Trays and 5.8kW of power, the E33 has the power to cook faster and more efficiently than any other Steam Injection Oven on the market.  Perfect for Schools, Clubs and Pubs the oven requires no exhaust canopy and the top of the range touchscreen ensure fast and easy use for anyone lucky enough to own one.  The enamel interior retains heat when the door is opened; therefore less time is taken to reheat the cabinet and being enamel, is much easier to clean.

The Moffat Showroom was full of the leading dealers in Queensland in late March, and we were all impressed by the efficiency of this futuristic unit.  Backed by the reliable Moffat after sales service we at Hospitality Superstore can confidently recommend the E33 in both the touchscreen and digital model.  It would be a shame to miss out on these great ovens on special until April 30th 2013.

Call Hospitality Superstore now to keep one step ahead of the competition.

Ever considered doing a Cooking Class?

photoLooking for something to do on the weekend? Why not treat yourself and book in for a cooking class at James St Cooking School in Fortitude Valley.

After attending the Modern French class myself a few weeks ago I highly recommend it. The class was fun and interactive. The Chef’s were friendly and the food was divine.

It would make an ideal Christmas or birthday present for those hard to buy for friends and family. Simply log onto to book your class today.

SKOPE Amazes Again!

SKOPE has long been at the forefront of worldwide refrigeration supply and design.  With 45 years of leading experience, the family owned business has developed the very best in chillersfreezers,cake displays and under bench refrigeration.  SKOPE have once again amazed us with the MISA Modular Cool Room Systems.

Cool and freezer rooms have long been a valued asset in our industry.  Unfortunately the hassle of installation, cost and site issues have inhibited their use widely, and for some are seen as luxury item.  With MISA Modular Cool Room Systems from SKOPE, Hospitality Superstore can help your business achieve a level of luxury you thought you couldn’t afford.

Developed specifically for cool rooms, freezer rooms, combination cool and freezer rooms, Production rooms, processing plant both commercial and industrial, MISA can be supplied to suit any modular size requirement.  The benefits are huge with just some of the advantages listed below.

• Simple and smart look modular system construction
• Italian quality & design with both panel & refrigeration systems
• Quick assembly or disassembly time with MISA patented fast fit locking
• Maximise flexibility by adding or deleting panels over time
• A high storage capacity, low foot print solution
• Hinged, sliding, speciality doors, strip curtains, shelving and other accessories available
• Multiple combination rooms can be designed and installed

By filling out a simple questionnaire, Hospitality Superstore and SKOPE can provide you with a detailed proposal for any size site, providing the best possible solution from the MISA range.

If you’ve ever wanted a cool or freezer room but thought it impossible, why not contact Hospitality Superstore today to find out.

Ann Gyoza Bar

The newest edition to the dumpling restaurant phenomenon sweeping across our river city is the Ann Gyoza Bar located at Emporium, Fortitude Valley. Since its opening day the place has been a buzz of activity. Open daily from 11:30am to 3pm and 6pm to 10pm.

Ann Gyoza Bar offers a wide variety of dishes to choose from, some of the stand outs include the very generous sized bento and tower boxes. However nothing compares to their signature dumplings where you are spoiled for choice, with chicken, pork, vegetable, cheese, seafood or spicy fillings, served sizzling on its own pan straight from the hot plate.

Currently BYO with their liquor licence on its way, Ann Gyoza Bar really does tick all the boxes. With its exceptional service, friendly staff, reasonable prices and delicious food this restaurant is certainly not one to be missed.

With only a limited amount of space to work with MISA provided the perfect freezer room solution. Hospitality Superstore are extremely proud to have been a part of this project and thoroughly enjoyed working with Jin and his team.