The best of 2014

Relive some of the exciting openings, special occasions, and countless highlights of 2014!

Wow! We’ve nearly hit the end of December and we’re sure there’s plenty of others wondering where the year has gone! The past 12 months has been an exhilarating ride to say the least. Not only have we been involved in some fantastic new projects, we’ve also made some big changes of our own which are already benefiting our customers and our business and will continue to do so for years to come.

Below is a snapshot of our year in review, and a sample of the amazing highlights we’ve enjoyed:

New Restaurants, Cafes, & Bars:

It’s been a huge year of growth for the Brisbane restaurant and cafe scene. The ever-popular Eagle Street precinct is now overlooked by two of the year’s most anticipated restaurants: Madame Wu and Navala Churrascaria. While their ‘Asian Fusion’ and ‘Brazilian BBQ’ cuisines geographically couldn’t be much further apart, what they have in common is hundreds of customers pouring through their doors each night to see what all the fuss is about and leaving extremely impressed.Madame Wu3

Westfield Garden City’s huge renovation and expansion has generated a lot of hype in the southern suburbs, especially it’s tropical-themed Town Square complete with cascading pools, palm trees, and sun lounges. This overhaul coincided with the refurbishment and renaming of an old favourite; Beach House Bar & Grill has now become Hotel Beach House and is home to a huge range of outdoor bar and dining areas, a TAB section, and a beer garden.

Another exciting development around Brisbane has been the rapid growth of Hakataya Ramen. In this year alone we’ve supplied the equipment and smallwares for their Brisbane CBD, Indooroopilly Shopping Centre, and recently-opened Eight Mile Plains stores. It seems their delicious, traditional Japanese soups are becoming more popular by the day, and we look forward to involvement in future projects – which at this rate are only just around the corner!

Hakataya Indro

Moving north – a long way north! – it is great to see that several years after being devastated by tropical cyclone Yasi, the rebuild of Dunk Island Resort is well underway and a reopening is getting closer. Along with the fit out of the Government’s Manus Island Regional Processing Facility, this was definitely one of our biggest logistical undertakings of the year and further demonstrates our ability to successfully coordinate and cooperate with customers, suppliers, and transport companies on large-scale projects wherever the location.Dunk Island2

New Head Office & Distribution Centre

In May we relocated our National Head Office and Distribution Centre from its home of four years at Albion, and we’re now well-established in our new 2000sqm premises at Eagle Farm.

The benefits were instant, and both our customers and our staff are enjoying the added convenience, efficient service, and increased stock capacities. We’ve now got most of our staff under the same roof which means our customers can seamlessly interact with staff across all of our departments, and our staff can also work closely together to ensure every customer’s need is professionally and promptly attended to.

Showroom Renovation & Demo Kitchen

Our convenient and centrally-located Fortitude Valley showroom still remains the best place for browsing our stock lines or picking up the supplies you need on-the-spot, and has undergone a few changes of its own over the last couple of months.

A new shelving layout has made it easier than ever for customers to navigate the aisles and quickly find the products they are looking for.

We’ve also got a brilliant new display room at the rear of the building which is home to the most unique, striking, and up to date stoneware and crockery trends on the market. Dozens of the items are exclusive to Hospitality Superstore and we invite you to come in and see for yourself!

If you’ve been lucky enough to visit the showroom during one of our special live cooking demonstrations during the last 10 weeks you would’ve noticed that we now have a big range of commercial cooking equipment installed and ready to go! The Unox combi oven, Irinox blast chiller, Skope refrigeration, Turbochef speed cook oven, and Hobart undercounter dishwasher are all getting regular workouts, plus we’ve got suppliers demonstrating other products on a weekly basis. So make sure you keep stopping by during 2015 and stayed tuned to our Facebook for information about our next live cooking event!

HSS Finance is launched!

If there’s one product which has been a revelation this year, it’s our exclusive HSS Finance package. Many months of hard work were spent planning, reviewing, and revising this brand new finance option until we were convinced it was the perfect solution for our customers.

Since it’s launch in late August, dozens of customers have already begun enjoying the convenience, affordability and flexibility which HSS Finance offers them.


HSS Finance isn’t just limited to your catering equipment either. We can also finance your furniture, smallwares, stainless steel fabrication, custom equipment, point of sale, and shopfitting – plus much more – without charging any higher rental fees and all wrapped into one neat weekly payment.

Free up your capital, preserve your cash flow, and use HSS Finance to get your next project underway – now!

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Thank you to all our customers for your ongoing support over the past 12 months. We hope you have an enjoyable holiday season and we look forward to continuing to provide you with our excellent products, advice, and service in 2015!



Fine Food Highlights: Josper Ovens


Made in Spain. Famous around the world.

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What is Josper?

Josper is the perfect marriage of an oven and a grill which is fueled completely by charcoal and uses a unique closed barbecue system.  These Spanish-made charcoal ovens are now present in thousands of kitchens across the globe, stretching from high-end restaurants in Spain and the French Alps, to Paris and London, and international hotels in Hong Kong and Singapore.

  • Extremely durable and robust design
  • Flexible cooking options
  • Easy to use
  • Vent for temperature control
  • Front opening door

An obsession with perfection during the manufacturing process, acceptance of only the best materials, and their company motto “Yesterday’s taste with today’s pace” continues to drive Josper’s reputation as a cutting-edge, versatile, and must-have piece of cooking equipment.

Click here for more information about Josper

Cooking Applications

Not only does cooking with charcoal enable chefs to infuse their dishes with magnificent traditional flavours not available through any other method, Josper’s simple yet ingenious methods ensures food retains perfect texture and juiciness.

The Josper also provides countless more cooking options than a standard oven or chargrill can offer, meaning the benefits of Josper can be seen and tasted across the entire menu.

Click here to see detailed descriptions and how-to videos of the Josper’s many functions.

Watch the great video below to see the Josper in action around the world.


Josper in action

We visited Bar Nacional in Melbourne and enjoyed a huge 12-course dinner, with each dish featuring at least one component prepared using their Josper oven. Here are some pics from the evening (taken from a trusty mobile phone of course!)

Josper is available from Hospitality Superstore

If you’d like to explore the possibility of installing a Josper into your kitchen, or even if you’d just like a bit more information, please give us a call on 1300 721 694 or visit us at 116 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley QLD. We’ve got a team of friendly, experienced, and dedicated staff ready to assist you and ensure you find the very best solution whatever your needs.

Use HSS Finance to get your new Josper – NOW!HSSF_Master_Logo_RGB

Our exclusive HSS Finance package can make owning your new Josper easier than ever before.

Click here to see how HSS Finance is the most affordable, convenient, and hassle-free hospitality finance product on the market.

HSS_Cash_Back_Offer_GraphicBONUS: 2.5% cash back!

To add to the already long list of benefits of HSS Finance, we’re offering our customers 2.5% cash back on all financed equipment between now and 15th November 2014.

Free up your capital and use HSS Finance to get your project happening sooner!

Starting a business, or even reinvesting in and upgrading your current one, can be a sometimes be a stressful exercise, and not everybody has the time to save and pay upfront for all the equipment they require.

HSS Finance has been specifically developed for the catering and hospitality industry because we understand that your equipment and accessories are just one of a huge range of expenses you’ll encounter when running your business.

We provide an affordable, convenient and flexible finance solution for all your catering equipment, furniture, shopfitting, smallwares, and custom equipment. It’s your finance, your way.

Plus, if you want to stay ahead of the game, you’ll need to have access to purchasing new equipment as soon as it hits the market!

So why not free up your capital and explore the option of HSS Finance when shopping with Hospitality Superstore instead?!


HSS Finance has been designed with the customer in mind.

It’s based upon providing customers with an affordable finance option which is easy to understand, upfront and honest, cost-effective, flexible, and hassle-free.

Below are 6 key reasons why you should consider HSS Finance:

HSS Finance benefits


NHSS hand-greyo upfront costs

Purchasing through HSS Finance will enable you to dramatically reduce the amount of capital you’ll need to outlay on your catering equipment.

Unlike a lot of competitors, HSS Finance does not require any deposit or bond, there’s no document fees, and you’ll never come across hidden fees or charges.

Instead, we’ll let you keep that money in your pocket to cover other costs you’ll incur such as shopfitting, staff wages, tradespersons labour and produce for your kitchen. Avoid big cash payments and preserve your liquidity.


HSS hand-greyLow weekly rentals

HSS Finance rentals typically start 4% lower than some of the other catering finance options on the moment. Renting your equipment for a small fee each week can enable you to free up your cash flow and prevent you from having to place a huge dent in your capital. We know you’ll enjoy cheaper rental as well as no upfront costs, but the benefits don’t stop there…


HSS hand-greyReducing rental payments

Each year that you continue to rent, you’ll receive a 20% or 25% reduction in your rental payments depending on the value of the goods.

For amounts under $15,000 rent reduces by 20%, and amount over $15,000 receive a 25% reduction.

Over the course of your rental term, the reduction in rental payments can save you thousands (even tens of thousands) of dollars!

This is another example of how HSS Finance has considered the needs of its customers to add extraordinary value and offer the best catering finance package available on the market.


HSS hand-greyFlexibility

The average rental period within the hospitality and catering industry is somewhere between 3-4 years. With this in mind, the HSS Finance package has been designed to give you unmatched financial benefits and also complete flexibility during the course of your rental term.

Over the course of your flexible 4 year term, you’ll have the convenience of being able to purchase your equipment outright at each anniversary.

If you love the ease of the HSS Finance rental package and decide to continue renting for 4 years, the equipment is yours to own for just $1.

As mentioned earlier, HSS Finance is open and easy to understand, so you’ll know right from the outset the purchase price at the end of each year and can plan ahead accordingly.


HSS hand-greyTax benefits

HSS Finance rental payments are 100% tax deductible as an operating expense within your business. This means leasing your equipment can become even more affordable than you already thought! Check with your accountant for more advice.


HSS hand-greyIt’s easy!

Our fast and simple application process makes getting the equipment you want easier than ever.

In just a few minutes over the phone, in store, or via email, we can have your application completed and receive an instant response.

To make things even easier, there’s no need for the hassle of printing and scanning pages upon pages of documents. Everything can be completed on a computer or tablet with just a few clicks of a button. Simple! As soon as documents have been electronically signed, we receive a notification and your order gets underway immediately.



From now until 15th November 2014, you’ll receive 2.5% cash back on all financed equipment!

Use your HSS Finance gift card in store or online and enjoy this huge added benefit of our HSS Finance package.

How you use it is completely up to you: spend it on kitchenware for your business, or treat yourself or someone special to items such as crystal glassware or a KitchenAid mixer for home.

Speak to a staff member for more details, and make sure you don’t miss out!






Our experienced sales staff possess extensive knowledge of the HSS Finance product, and we have a team of helpful staff in our finance department dedicated to ensuring you always receive the prompt and outstanding customer service you deserve.

Whether you’re just looking to finance a fridge, or you’ve got an entire restaurant to fit-out, we want you to feel comfortable and well-informed.

Give us a call on 1300 721 694 or visit us at 116 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley, QLD to speak with one of our friendly staff who are always keen find a solution which is perfect to help you realise your business dream.


*Please seek independent financial advice.

Attention Cafe Owners: Let TurboChef’s Sota help your sales soar!

Good things come in small packages with TurboChef


The TurboChef Sota provides ‘State of the Art Cooking’ in TurboChef’s smallest, and most energy-efficient package.

Superior speed and quality is delivered through independent top and bottom impinged air precisely coordinated with microwave.



Standing only 635mm tall, and measuring 757mm deep, the TurboChef Sota is small enough for nearly every kitchen.

Don’t be fooled by its small stature though, the TurboChef Sota can store up to 256 recipes and delivers delicious meals at an unbelievably rapid pace.

  • Ham & Cheese Croissant: 50secs
  • Pizza: 1min 15secs
  • Salmon Fillet: 1min 30secs
  • French Fries: 1min 30secs
  • Big Breakfast: 2min 40secs

Send your sales skyrocketing!


Whether you’re currently just selling coffee and looking to expand sales avenues, or you’re an established restaurant looking to gain an edge on your competitors, the TurboChef Sota can bring incredible flexibility and convenience to any kitchen.

If you’d like to increase your customer’s average spend, and maximise efficiency within your business, Hospitality Superstore and the TurboChef Sota can make it happen.

Amazing equipment at an amazing price

We know you’ll be astonished when you see what the TurboChef Sota is capable of, so we thought it was only fair to offer an equally incredible limited-time only deal.

We can’t reveal too much here, but if you visit our stand during the trade fair and elect to add one of these revolutionary pieces of equipment to your set-up, we’ll give you a price (and a ‘Best Price Guarantee’) which may never be repeated.

Click here to see our already-brilliant regular sale price for the TurboChef Sota

 Visit Fine Food Queensland to see the TurboChef Sota in action

Taste samples from an exclusive menu showcasing the TurboChef Sota’s amazing ability @ Hospitality Superstore

Fine Food Queensland is one of the biggest events on the food and catering industry’s calendar. As well as showcasing some of Queensland’s finest fresh produce, it’s an opportunity for visitors to discover the latest equipment innovations.

Hospitality Superstore is extremely excited to present live cooking demonstrations featuring the incredible TurboChef Sota.

Steak D hori inset

Visit us at the show (stand G18) to not only see first-hand how the TurboChef Sota could revolutionise your business, but also taste its exceptional results for yourself.

Fine Food Queensland is held at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre from April 13-15.

Click here to register online (use priority code: INVITE) before 5pm AEST Friday April 11, 2014 and save the $20 at-show charge.

Keeping up with the trends: Slow-pressed juicers

What do the words raw, organic, natural, healthy, and super-food all have in common?

Answer: they’re rapidly appearing on the menu boards of cafes and coffee shops nationwide faster than their customers can say the words “coconut milk”.

Healthy juices and other drinks are in huge demand, and their popularity doesn’t look like it’s slowing down any time soon.

Every day it seems as though another ‘superfood’ emerges, and customers are scrambling to add these to their favourite slow-pressed ‘organic’ concoction.


Why should you buy a slow-pressed juicer?

  • Less wastage
  • Money saved
  • Healthy, in-demand product

Slow-pressed (or cold-pressed) juicing machines provide an opportunity for businesses to provide the nutritious and delicious products their (potential) customers are craving, while also dramatically reducing product wastage and saving money.

Some conventional centrifugal juicers, which operate at extremely high speeds, have a tendency to unceremoniously ‘smash’ the juice out of fruit and vegetables. While one benefit of this is quick service speeds, this technique does not produce as much juice-per-fruit and results in a waste product known as “wet pulp” (essentially, juice still remains in the pulp – not in the customer’s glass). It also damages a lot of the important enzymes and vitamins contained within foods, reducing the nutritional content. Thus the appeal to health-conscious consumers suffers as well.

As the name suggests, slow-pressed juicers operate at much lower speeds (as low as 45rpm in some cases) to ensure nearly every drop of juice (or milk) is extracted. While it may take a little longer, a lot less fruit is required to produce the same quantity of juice as a centrifugal juicer. This process also retains a lot more of the nutrition contained within the ingredients. After all this, while the customer is enjoying a smooth, fresh juice, business owners can rest easy with the satisfaction of serving a quality product and reducing wastage.


The Hurom “HH Elite”

Hospitality Superstore was visited by Mel from Hurom Australia during the week, who gave us a special demonstration of their newest model, the HH Elite: a slow-pressed juicer they consider a real game-changer.

Watch the video at the bottom of this post to see the Hurom HH Elite in action!

mel-hurom-demo                  Image

Size and Style:

The HH Elite is small enough to comfortably find a home on a benchtop in nearly every hospitality establishment – even if you’re just a ‘hole-in-the-wall’ espresso bar. It’s available in two colours: silver and red, and features a simple, yet stylish design. It’s not an overly flashy piece of benchtop equipment, it lets its results do the talking instead.

Dimensions: 159mm wide x 223mm deep x 418mm high

Weight: 5.4kg


Hurom’s latest slow-pressed juicer operates at a mere 45rpm, nearly half the speed of regular slow pressed -juicers (80rpm), and light years away from their comparatively warp-speed centrifugal cousins. If centrifugal juicers ‘smash’ the juice out, then you could say the HH Elite ‘massages’ out the moisture and goodness of your ingredients, leaving behind ‘dry-pulp’

Another key feature is the juice cap located on the spout, which stores all the juice inside the 500ml bowl while it’s in the process of being made. This means all ingredients get thoroughly mixed together before reaching the jug, and the customer doesn’t receive a product which greatly differs in taste from start to finish.

Finally, all the parts of the HH Elite are BPA-free, so while you’re customer is enjoying their pesticide-free apple, carrot and ginger juice, you can sit back knowing you’ve done your bit to help the environment too.


New 2014 Motor Technology

Motor Speed: 45rpm

500ml juicing bowl

Juice cap

Strainers: 2 – 1 Ultem strainer (fine), and 1 coarse strainer

Accessories included: 2 jugs, cleaning brush, chute cover

Warranty: 10 years on motor, 2 years on parts


$549 + GST

Visit for more info or to buy online


Can slow-pressed juicers do more than just juice?

Absolutely. In addition to the juices which were demonstrated to Hospitality Superstore in our showroom, Mel from Hurom also made a delicious almond milk drink.

  • A big handful of natural almonds (works best if they’re ‘activated’ – soaked in water overnight)
  • 250ml of coconut water
  • 1/2 vanilla pod

Because the HH Elite operates a such low rpm, and literally ‘presses’  the moisture out of the ingredients, it was able to extract an incredible amount of moisture from the almonds. The ‘pulp’ which was discharged through the machine’s waste chute was nearly dry. This is extremely handy for HH Elite owners, because this ‘waste’ can then be used as an almond-meal substitute in other recipes. Don’t be surprised if the snack of choice for slow-pressed juice customers also happens to be  “Raw Cacao and Almond Meal Bliss Balls”.


Capitalise on the demand

The HH Elite, and slow-pressed juicers in general, represent an exciting opportunity to enter a rapidly expanding market of health-minded consumers. As more and more research becomes available to the public, and the understanding of the health benefits associated with slow-pressed juices becomes more widespread, suppliers of these products will be in high demand.


If you’d like more information about how we can find a perfect slow-pressed juicer solution to suit your businesses, give us a call on (07) 3257 1657, or pop into our showroom at 116 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley, QLD, 4006.



New Models from SKOPE

SKOPE Refrigeration’s reliability and value for money is already well known.  Hospitality Superstore takes pleasure in showcasing these great new products added to an already amazing line up.

The B1200, Two Door Vertical Display Chiller, has long been a trusted model in our industry.  Chances are, when you’ve bought a drink with your lunch you pulled it out of a SKOPE B1200.  Now we, the public, also have access to one of the most successful models in commercial refrigeration.

With innovative features like a self learning electronic controller, SKOPE are again leading the way in integrity and design.  The model will learn and adapt to your working methods, turning lights off after closing times, saving your business huge amount in running costs.  The evaporator fan will also switch off when the door is opened which will save you even more.  Combine these features with the LED lights and double low/e argon door panels and it’s hard not to want a B1200 for the savings alone (not to mention the sleek design).

The new SKOPE Undercounter Centaur has been released and it’s sure to take our industry by storm.  Value for money has always been one of SKOPE and Hospitality Superstore’s strongest qualities and the new Centaur BC180-CS (a 6 drawer underbench Chiller) combines elegance and efficiency to create ultimate savings.  Drawer systems are often seen as a luxury item wanted by many kitchens, but the cost and lead time are always an issue.  With the new Skope Centaur BC180-CS you can achieve the dream, without the sacrifice.

We will be showcasing many SKOPE items this Friday 2nd November in our Showroom.  Please visit us to see the latest and greatest in commercial refrigeration.